Friday, February 21, 2014

I love running but...

I AM CANADIAN so....I was up early to get my 14 miler in in the pouring rain (whaatttt?!?) before THE GAME. (It sucked btw...felt awful, tired and slow...& was weirdly surprised to find my pace was EXACTLY the same as my PR marathon this is good right?) 

Anyway, for those of you that don't understand the culture of hockey...this is actually not a joke:

Business stopped & schools showed the game in classrooms. 

Here in upstate NY, we huddled in our basement in our 'lucky' shirts & watched a heck of a game! Quick is a heck of a goalie! In fact this entire tournament has rested on the shoulders of some incredible net minders. 

I biked watching today's made me sad. I think Kane was close to tears as it all fell apart. Teemu Selane is a class act though. 6 Olympics for Finland and 43 points earned. Amazing! 

...& in case you were wondering, yes we will be up at 0630 to see the gold medal game...& I'll be wearing my lucky socks...

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Anonymous said...

My favorite was the billboard in Chicago: Loser gets Bieber!