Sunday, February 9, 2014

What a Day!

I know I have been delinquent with my posts as of late, but I just had to share my proud parent moment!

I am jealous!
Look at the form they have!

With this winter horrilibus full of polar vortexes and blizzard after blizzard, the indoor track season has been decimated with cancelled meets. The coaches have been so wonderful though, working hard to organize an extra meet and also work with the wonderful folks at the Finger Lakes Runners Club to add in Highschool only heats to their open meets so that the times would be 'official' for the kids that decided to run there. Today, we trekked to Ithaca because both boys wanted one last chance to run the mile. Thing 1 wanting to hit the 4:52:07 state qualifier time & thing 2 wanted to break 5 for the first time.

Thing 2 kills it!

I could not be a prouder mama! Thing 1 didn't make his goal but he did run a season PR of 4:57 & he was gracious in defeat & supportive of his brother. Today was Thing 2's day. Not only did he break 5 & beat his big brother for the first time, but he layed down a 4:52 & may be going to the state qualifier meet next weekend!!!! 

I had dueling emotions watching...bursting with pride at T2 as he ran smart and hard. Then I felt dread as I could see, almost in slo-mo, how it was going to play out. I knew that if T2 was anywhere close to T1 he would outkick him. And I also saw hesitation to do it at 2 laps to go. Thing 2 looked like he started to make a move, then hesitated and hung to thing 1's shoulder. Then at 1.5 laps to go I saw Thing 2 draw himself up & go for it. He passed his brother & that was it. He had it. 

And then, just for fun, they threw together a 4x400 team. Wackadoodlez!
The handoff...

What an emotional roller coaster! But I am SO very proud of both of them :)

I still needed a run today & as we drove home the snow started. Again. Channeling a little Olympic mojo, I threw on my Newton Boco's and layed down an awesome 5 miler in 9:30 miles. I love those shoes! They grip the snow like the jaws of life! Snow & hills are no match for them! Marathon training is right on track. 
I love a peaceful snowy run!

Who's watching the Olympics? That slope style snowboarding is totes the kids say;). And I now covet a pair of XC skiis...those skiathlon guys are hardcore!


Kate Geisen said...

Look at you, speedy in the snow! I'm with you on snowboarding and skiathon and wanting xc skis. Boy are we having the winter for them!

I can totally understand your warring emotions over your boys. We lived that same scenario with my older boys and volleyball. Very difficult, but good life lessons I guess. And both of your boys have a lot to be proud of. Wow, are they fast!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I saw the 4:52 on FB and was amazed!!! They're both such a great times and I would be a very proud parent as well! Glad the shoes work for you. Hooray for snow! Sarcasm.

Michael said...

Both amazing!!! I know as a Mother it is probably hard to see one elated and one disappointed, but awesome that they are both supportive of each other! Great boys....and Smoking FAST! Both of them!

Coy Martinez said...

This is awesome!! Bet they'll have great stories to tell! My kids are still pretty young but they love competing against each other. Sometimes it turns out well, sometimes with boys :)

Congrats on your sub2 half!!!

Nelly said...

Wow, you have some fast sons! 452 indoors is insanely fast. Should be able to get maybe 445 outdoors or something? Maybe even faster.

Olympics are indeed awesome! I love seeing the athlete reactions when they win gold - notably the canadian sister moguls winner and the US slopestyle snowboarder winner. And McMorris of Canada was hilarious in his interviews, crazy that he got a bronze with a broken rib.

MILF Runner said...

How exciting for your sons...and what a job for you, emotionally-navigating watching the race and seeing the results! Wow.

Take care in the snow!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

So fun that your kids like to run and are so good at it! You have reason to be proud!