Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flying Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease...

or how I was a spaz & fell while running today!  I was going to call this post "I know I'm a runner now because I now own Body Glide" but after I did my Superman impression followed by a stuntman-worthy rolling landing I had to set that aside.  So yeah. I went out for my long run today. A 14 miler.  Was feeling pretty good, legs felt good, was being an uber-dork counting how many sips of half water-half Gatorade I was taking every mile, and then at 9.8 I went flying....I think I may have actually tripped over my own feet.  Have you ever fallen while running?  This is my first time and it was weird - very slo-mo...there was a moment when I realized I couldn't stop it. I was going to go down and thought 2 things simultaneously: I don't want to be a trauma at my own hospital (not because it's not good, but because it would be weird to have colleagues do primary/secondary survey on me) & second 'aim for the grass'. Someone was watching over me today because after I stopped rolling I lay on my back for several seconds doing an inventory of myself and I was stunned to find that I was fine & able to get back up and carry on.  Really, not a scratch or scrape.  Just a little sore where I landed on my right arm & leg but not enough to slow me down.  PHEW! I was able to continue on and finish.  Just over 14 miles done.  As I walked up the hill towards home I met Thing 2 just finishing his 3 miles.  I told him what happened & he laughed and said he fell too today.  So I started to add up the family mileage for today and we are at 21.5 miles with Thing 1 yet to go...and he says he has 6 miles on his calendar for today. I gotta say I'm impressed...27.5 family miles on the books today!

Oh, and the Body Glide....yeah, more running-dork fun facts ;).....I actually detoured on the way home after working 12 on 12 off for 4 days to buy body glide because I knew I wanted to get my long run today and I didn't want another chafing experience...bad move because there was a running clearance sale & I left with a bag full of running gear too :s .  I may need a 12 step plan.  My wardrobe is about 40% work uniforms, 40% running gear & 20% regular clothes.

Happy Running!

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The Green Girl said...

Wow. That sounds like quite the fall - I'm so glad you were okay and didn't have to be checked out by the colleagues.