Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sometimes the best presents don't cost a thing, but rather come from the heart...

From Thing 2:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching up...

So this is how my post-run conversation went down with Thing 1:

Thing 1: how far did you run?
Me: 10 miles
Thing 1: how long did that take you?
Me: 1 hour 49 minutes
Thing 1: what's that? Like 11 minute pace?
Me: No! It's 10:59 pace
Thing1: Oh that's MUCH better!

Children are a blessing, right????

In other news...XC is over and Thing 1 made it to Sectionals with the team. They won for the 1st time since '94.....which is before ANY of them were born. I feel old.

Thing 2 got a PR of 19:19 in JV XC in probably the most exciting XC race I have ever seen. He placed 5th for the team, (9th overall) thus scoring for the team for the first time.(XC team scoring is a complicated business, but suffice it to say that earning your 1st t-shirt is a big deal).

SD is healing after the disastrous half marathon DNF. He is on the bike and is braced, but still not up to running yet.

As for me, I am cross training like a maniac. My running miles have dropped to around 60/month but I've started spinning class (which, holy crap! Is a killer) and am doing at least 4 hour a week of core/strength training. I have also hit the pool again. I hate the shock of going swimming but i love that nice whole body tired feeling afterwards. I've also discovered the miracle of the foam roller. What a difference that has made! Wow!
My PF is still there, but I'm off the ibuprofen and my first steps of the morning are getting easier.

I have absolutely no race that I'm registered for right now, but I have several I'm considering. If you are in the Northeast, what are your favourite races in the spring?