Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What A Difference A Week Makes....

There's still an ice dam in the river...but there's no snow anywhere else!
You can't miss me on the road in this get-up ;)
Last week at this time, I was required to don 17 layers of clothes just to travel from my car to the gym. Then, I was required to mount the dreadmill & suffer through relatively short runs while alternating swearing in my head & praying I didn't fly off the end of the sucker! Today, in yet another fickle mood swing by mother nature, the temperature is in the 60's F (16C, for my fellow metric peeps ;)) & I went out for a long run in my skirt, t-shirt & a light  Yes, that's right, 17km (a bit over 10 miles) and I was HOT! That's right....wore too much kind of hot mess when I was done hot! But I'll take ANY day like today...even with the spring smell (you all know what I mean...worse than a teenage locker room) rising out of the snowbanks.

Happy Running!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 1....

Today is exactly 16 weeks out from my spring marathon so, of course, that means it is also day 1 of training! On deck today was 5 miles: warm up,  3 miles @ 9:56 pace & a cool down. Nailed it! Tempo miles were: 9:24, 9:35, 9:35!!! Plus, I ended my run with an almost mile long uphill climb....not my favourite thing but when you live at the top of a hill you've kinda got to embrace it or end up doing a lot of extra walking miles.  Total run 6 miles today....and it was outside! Awesome to be back outdoors!!!!

I know I haven't talked about my plans for this year so here they are:

May 19th: Pocono Marathon. How did I pick it? Well, it was simple. It was the closest marathon available (~2.5 hours away) on one of the 3 days I had available for a spring marathon. Plus, Trail Buddy wanted to run this one. Oh, and it's relatively cheap @ $75. Marathon Trifecta.
Looks fun, doesn't it????

June 14-15: Ragnar Niagara!!!! So excited to run the 1st International Ragnar in the homeland & in a place I LOVE! Cannot wait to run the Toronto waterfront again!

July 6: Finger Lakes Fifties .... Yup! Running the 50k again! Hoping to knock an hour off our theory, this shouldn't be hard. Glad I registered early! It sold out in days!

July 13: Musselman sprint tri

August 25: Dunkirk Olympic distance tri!
(Yikes!!!! Taking the plunge & going up in distance!)

October 6: Wineglass Marathon

October 18-20: Runners World Half Marathon. I want to do the hat trick if my sons' xc running schedule allows.

November: Red Baron Half (if it falls on a non-work weekend).

I also have something else SUPER EXCITING that I'm working on but I don't want to share the details until I have it all nailed down :)

Hope some of you were able to get off the Dread today & head back outdoors too!

Happy Running!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reduced to the Dreadmill....

So it's about a billion below zero here in upstate NY....not kidding much. Seriously, the 'feels like' temp was -12F. Even my idiot teenagers were running laps INSIDE the school hallways for track practice! So as it has been almost a week since I've run (mostly due to a nauseating work schedule) I sucked it up & mounted the dreaded hamster wheel. Strangely enough, thanks to the distraction of Kelly & the new guy on the tv I was able to make 65 whole minutes without poking my own eye out or flying off the end in a horrid spectacle! That's right folks, 6 whole miles. (Don't bother calculating pace...believe me when I say I did the last minute sub-8 & that's all that you really need to know ;-D). A new record. I can't even imagine the guys that will bang off 20 miles on the suckers!

But I digress....the BEST part of my run, what made the whole fiasco worthwhile, was seeing a woman get on the mill in front of me wearing a FAUX FUR VEST?!? Seriously. I had my phone out to snap a pic but she didn't last the 3 minutes I needed to finish my run. But it looked like this, only with more leopard spots.

Is this the new trend in workout wear???

Friday, January 18, 2013

How Can Your Feet Move So Fast But You Still Go So Slow???????

This was the question posed to me by Thing 2 on our inaugural Mother-Son Monthly Run last week...Yes, Mama's slow compared to a teenager that routinely runs sub 6 over 7-10 miles...and that's his 'easy' pace!

He was a good egg when I told him on a lazy Saturday afternoon that I was cashing in this for January:

Christmas Present

"I can't believe you're stopping to take a picture" face

So after this surprisingly astute observation I realized that I have cadence down, but I'd run a heck of a lot faster if I just reached out a bit more during my stride! As a result, I've had some awesome runs since then...including a 10 miler on Sunday with a 10:35 overall pace! And that included one long, giant hill that lasts a little over a half mile on mile 9!

Have you ever had a shockingly honest observation that made a difference????

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 in Review...

Yesterday was my 2 year bloggaversary! Yay! I know I haven't been the most diligent blogger, but you guys have been hanging in there for me & continue to be so supportive of my running adventures....THANK YOU!!!!!

2012 was a year of just plain FUN!  I did not meet all my goals, but I had SO much fun & plenty of adventures that I could not have imagined when I began to plan out my year.

By the numbers:

Run: 1339.4 miles run   - Goal was 1500, however, I am going to count this as achieved because I converted more to 'time on my feet' training for the 50K. So by the hours, this is 278 hours, 36 minutes & 13 seconds ON MY FEET!!! Over 50 hours more running this year! WOW! (Now I know what happened to all my 'free' time ;-D)

Bike: 225.5 miles + untracked mileage spinning classes.  All done from August - December....when I 'took back' my promise to stay out of triathlon.  Glad I did as I feel better for it!

Swim: 9400 yards.  Not much, but 9400 yards more than I wanted to do.  I can DO the swimming & do fairly well at it, but I don't enjoy it.  Too many years of forced lap swimming during waterpolo practice in University. 

Crosstrain: Core & Strength training classes: 14 hours 40 minutes. Again, primarily from Sept-Dec. 


Marathons: 2 (Toronto & Wineglass): 4:43 PR at Toronto 

50K: Finger Lakes Fifties. Hot, Hard & so so glad I did it! 

Ragnar Relay: Ragnar Cape Cod....full on crazy fun!

Trail Races: The Hoot 5KTortoise & Hare 10KTanglewood 20K, Finger Lakes Fifties, Trail of Terror 25ish miler. 2nd place AG finish in the 5K & 1st overall in the trail of terror fiasco...LOL!

Triathlons: 1 Cortland Tri for the United Way  (3rd place AG) I know I said I wasn't going to do it, but I'm SO glad I did! Got my tri mojo back & had such a great experience I might even brave clipless pedals & proper bike shoes this year...OMG, I'm scared already!

Half Marathons: Red Baron Half Marathon PR 2:05:02 (and for those who have wondered, SD is back biking and full strength, running easy & slow.  Did his first run without the brace last week...says it still hurts & he is frustrated with his lack of speed, but I believe he'll get there in time. 

Wildlife: 2 Bears & 1 Big Ass Rattlesnake! , plus too many grass snakes to count...which I still don't like even though I know they are harmless.  

The Body:

It is better! Since the spring I have been basically living with plantar fasciitis & really just hoping it goes away.  It wasn't really bothering me much when I ran so I sucked it up through FLF.  In August, I did some research/self-diagnosing and realized that I felt much better when I was tri training.  Just overall stronger.  So I registered for a tri on a months notice and switched tracks.  Ended up with a slower marathon time but rocked the tri & best of all, loved it.  The foot got a bit better, but I ended up relying heavily on KT tape and ibuprofin during races.  The worst was that I was hobbling at work.  So in December I went to see a chiropractor....what a difference it has made!  Turns out my right hip way crazy mis-aligned (probably the result of my many trail falls) and was affecting my gait.  Hip realigned, along with some fascia stripping (man, that HURTS) & I am a new the anti-inflammatories and tape and walking normally!!!! I am SO thankful I found what works for me!

I have some 2013 goals....but that is another off to cheer on Thing 1 at his Indoor Track meet!