Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running fashion....well, not really, but it's fun :-D

I run outside.  I have no stamina or desire to subject myself to the 'dreadmill' unless absolutely necessary...it needs to be REALLY bad out there for me to concede the weather to it.   Yesterday was one of those days. -17F....yup, that's cold.  Realizing that 1 mile is a chore on said dreaded treadmill, off to the internet I go to research treadmill workouts (yeah, I know I'm lame) because I know that if I don't have an action plan, off I will come at about the 10 minute mark, feeling that walking over hot coals would be preferable to staying on that endless belt to hell.  So, in all seriousness, I spent 45 minutes reading over plans and writing them down so that I could run 5K on that hideous torture device...yup, that's a total of 31 minutes of running including warm up and cool down! LOL!  It turns out that doing 3 minute speed repeats was the only thing that kept me going and, thankfully, I was able to finish the 5K with a modicum of sanity remaining!  Today, THANK GOD!, was warmer .... a balmy 28F...so I was able to head out for a proper 5 mile tempo run.  Felt SO SO SO good! What a difference enjoying the experience makes!  Yup, was able to bang out 5 miles @ 10:27 pace....yay!

Anyway, I have a somewhat eclectic fashion sense when it comes to running. Mostly, I will bundle on as many clothes as the weather requires and head out there. Recently, I purchased a pack of kneesocks and my reputation has grown and now I'm getting requests for photos of my outrageous socks...so here they are:

The Original Socks

Yup, they are bright...and yes, I'll admit, quite possibly an eyesore. BUT, they do help keep me visible and if you have ever had the close call of being either:
  1. almost hit by a car
  2. or received an ice cold slush soaker from a passing motorist
then you know  the value of being visible. Now, this was a 3-pack, so I feel I have to share the others which have also made appearances in the dual cause of warmth & visibility:

I was happy with these guys...they did their job...however, when I was in Kohl's last week, I came across these ones....hee hee...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy running!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tempo runs, speed workouts???? What was I thinking?

So here I am at the end of my first week of 'real' training....not just the get outside, zone out, trotting along at a turtles pace kind of runs that I know & love. No, this week included a tempo run & a speed workout. To say this was a challenge is not an overstatement...I didn't exactly make my goals, but came respectably close. (mental note: review pace times....the calculator used may not be realistic). 

Monday: Goal: 5 mile tempo run @ 10:10 pace :  Actual: 10:22 pace   <this is me doing a happy dance because I've never, EVER, run this fast for 5 whole miles>

Friday: supposed to do 7 miles....was cold, ended up doing 5 @ 11:08 pace....not so good, but not terrible

Saturday: speed workout: 5K @ 9:40 pace....yeah, not so much....but in all honesty, I was pretty darn happy to pull off a 10:11 pace in the blowing snow! Also, did a bit on the bike today...felt good to be back on it.

All in all, a pretty good week. Can I sustain these paces when I'm used to a solid 11:30 mile? I don't know, but I'm going to try.

I'm going to re-attempt a long run tomorrow...7 miles here I come :-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making a plan

I'm a big planner...or perhaps procrastination in the guise of planning, so to this end I have been doing a lot of reading this week on HOW to train for a marathon.  My big issue here is how to get adequately trained so I don't die on the course by running only 3 days a week.  A friend recommended this book:

Thanks, Sheila!  It covers what's called the FIRST program. Basically you focus on 3 quality runs a week: a speed workout, a tempo run & a long run.  It also recommends cross training 2 days a week (which I may be able to suck up as the days get longer & my son starts training for his first triathlon....biking here I come!)

Anyway, it seems I have a workable plan....hope I live through the intervals and tempo runs. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Unexpected Runner: 592 Miles to lofty goals.

I never was a runner. In fact, if you asked anyone who’s ever known me for a long time, they would say that if they ever had the occasion to witness me running, they would have looked for whatever was chasing me!  My husband has always been a runner & made it look easy…must be his military roots. I have been supportive of his running but always half-assed in my attempts at running and never, I mean never, did it ever occur to me that I would get to a place that I would (gasp!) ENJOY the run or make a personal goal to run a marathon.  In fact, I used to swear in my head the whole time I was suffering to get to the next street lamp! But here I am.  It is January of 2011 & I am 41 years old, the mother of 2 boys, a nurse & I have not only decided, but REGISTERED!! to run a marathon.  But there it is...I have.  How did I get here?  Well, it started as a lark really...there was a triathlon training group starting at our gym & I thought "Hey, why not?  I can swim & bike no problem....surely I can suck up a 3 mile run in the interest of togetherness?" So, my husband and I sign up for this triathlon. I'm not quite sure exactly when it happened, but low & behold, I started to actually LIKE getting out there to run!  And from there it was a slippery slope into obsession.....a 592 mile obsession this year.  Yes, that's right.  In 2010, I logged 592.3 miles to be exact. Along with 1 triathalon & 2 half-marathons.  Now, let me set the record straight: I am not by any stretch of the imagination fast....far from it.  I am like a turtle out on the streets.  But I'm running.  So fast forward to today & I have decided to take the marathon plunge.  October 2nd, 2011 is the date & this is the record of my journey toward it.