Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making a plan

I'm a big planner...or perhaps procrastination in the guise of planning, so to this end I have been doing a lot of reading this week on HOW to train for a marathon.  My big issue here is how to get adequately trained so I don't die on the course by running only 3 days a week.  A friend recommended this book:

Thanks, Sheila!  It covers what's called the FIRST program. Basically you focus on 3 quality runs a week: a speed workout, a tempo run & a long run.  It also recommends cross training 2 days a week (which I may be able to suck up as the days get longer & my son starts training for his first triathlon....biking here I come!)

Anyway, it seems I have a workable plan....hope I live through the intervals and tempo runs. 

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