Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reduced to the Dreadmill....

So it's about a billion below zero here in upstate NY....not kidding much. Seriously, the 'feels like' temp was -12F. Even my idiot teenagers were running laps INSIDE the school hallways for track practice! So as it has been almost a week since I've run (mostly due to a nauseating work schedule) I sucked it up & mounted the dreaded hamster wheel. Strangely enough, thanks to the distraction of Kelly & the new guy on the tv I was able to make 65 whole minutes without poking my own eye out or flying off the end in a horrid spectacle! That's right folks, 6 whole miles. (Don't bother calculating pace...believe me when I say I did the last minute sub-8 & that's all that you really need to know ;-D). A new record. I can't even imagine the guys that will bang off 20 miles on the suckers!

But I digress....the BEST part of my run, what made the whole fiasco worthwhile, was seeing a woman get on the mill in front of me wearing a FAUX FUR VEST?!? Seriously. I had my phone out to snap a pic but she didn't last the 3 minutes I needed to finish my run. But it looked like this, only with more leopard spots.

Is this the new trend in workout wear???


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I've been on the treadmill since mid-December, and I'm south of you on LI. I'm a big baby! And the workout wear? I get so annoyed when I see women at the gym with their hair flowing down over their shoulders in beautiful waves, full make-up, stinking up my air space with their perfume! I look like who did it and ran BEFORE I even step on a machine, let alone the devastation that occurs while working out! She apparently was trying to pick herself up a hunter!

Ransick said...

I'm impressed you ran on the dreadmill for an hour! I hate running on the thing too. I have found that watching old tv series on Netflix helps the time pass. Without it I just stare at the clock like a kid in school waiting for the bell to ring.