Monday, April 25, 2011

For the love of running

This weekend, I did 3 things that I don't often do: I ran WITH a partner with no regard to pace or timing & I tried trail running.  We visited family for Easter & my SIL (who will be running her 1st Half-marathon when I do my marathon) went out running.  I did have my Nike+ with me but accidently hit the pause button so didn't get a distance log so I put it away and never looked again this weekend.  Instead, we enjoyed some unexpected sunshine, a very cool trail run right in downtown Toronto...I had no idea you could do that in High Park, but there are miles & miles of trails for the picking & a run along the lakeshore boardwalk! 

Short Mums on the run ;-)

At first I was anxious when I realized I had no idea how much distance I was covering, but then I just let it go and enjoyed it.  They weren't intense runs (well, a few of the killer hills she took me to & said "you go ahead, I'm just going to power walk up this one" were intense! lol!)  but I found I really, really enjoyed the change in pace, chatting while running & not worrying if I was meeting my tempo goals.  It was liberating to give myself permission to do that for a weekend!  Plus, my body feels great today.  No aches or pains....the knees are fine & I think I'm back :-)

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Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

See? That didn't take long! I love knowing what happened already and that there was a happy ending!