Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 Weeks of Marathon AND Triathlon Training...oh boy!

My almost 15 year old wants to do a triathlon.  I believe he thinks it's going to be a breeze since he runs XC/Indoor & Outdoor Track.  I found him a nice small tri & told him I'd do it with so as to assure myself that he would not drown during the swim portion.  800M swim/12 mile bike/ 5K run....a little lighter on the bike side than the one I've done in the past & (most importantly for the paranoid mother in me...a smaller race with the swim portion in a nice calm man-made lake).  Unfortunately, this tri is July 2nd, which gives me a 4 week ramp up to it.  Not good, I know.  But I'm hoping that since I'm in half-marathon shape & that I've been cross-training on the bike for the past month that I'll be ok...we'll be ok.  Well, Thing 1 is a teenager so feels invincible....I know I'm not.  This morning, of course because it's my saturday off & I can sleep body is up at 6:45.  I had a couple cups of coffee then decided to rattle Thing 1 out of bed.  He was thrilled to see my happy shiney face announce that we were going for a bike & a swim. Bwahahahahahahaha ;D

Good sport that he is, he actually got up and followed basic commands....get out swimsuit, put in bag. (you have to talk in short basic sentences to the groggy teenager & don't make any sudden moves ;)). I took him on an easy 14 miler, with a couple stops to drop bags at the pool & a couple lessons on using your gears to work with you.  I was impressed. He stuck with me the whole way.  So on the way home we stop at the gym.   I have him park his bike and tell him to run a lap around the building on his jello legs (I forgot how crappy that feels...yuk!).  He thought jello legs were funny.  "You know, I you were to just run faster the jello legs would go away quicker"......yeah. Thanks for the advice son.  Now I get my revenge....we hit the pool...500 easy yard.  I lapped him x 5.  I figured I'd just let him go as we were the only 2 in the pool with 2 gaurds on duty.  We're going to have to do some stroke work.  He did it, but it wasn't pretty. 

I think he'll be ok & I'm glad we'll be able to do it together. 

As for the marathon training....Thing 1 looks at my training plan on the fridge when we got home & says "Are you really going to do a 12 mile run the day before the triathlon?".....OMG! I'm not quite sure how I will do this.  I can move it up a couple days I think & hope for the best. 

Anyone else combined marathon/triathlon training?


Michael said...

It gets very tricky trying to train for road races and triathlons. Although I'm not training for a marathon yet (will be later in the fall) I will have the same issue, and have had before where you are scheduled to run a long run before or after a triathlon. Good luck with all that.

I think it's awesome your son is going to do a tri though!! Kudos to him for getting out there at such a young age.

Nelly said...

Combining marathon training and triathlon training sounds really tough to me. Just seems like your runs might end up being too long and would tire you out for the swim and bike workouts. I really have no idea on how to try to integrate the two plans, since I really only run (and I just recently started swimming more because I have a left knee injury right now).

Maybe you could follow some triathletes who might have an idea? I really like Dangle the Carrot - I think he's only done a half marathon, but he just did a full ironman (which includes a marathon), so maybe he might have some good ideas.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I have never even thought of running a tri, so kudos to you! Good luck with the training!