Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The "ONE"!!!!!

I think I am in love.  I have found "THE ONE"......

Asics Gel Culmulus 13
I spent a couple hours yesterday driving the poor salesboy crazy at Dick's yesterday trying on & insisting on trying shoe after shoe on their treadmill.  I'm sure he thought I was nuts when I tried these on, didn't run in them and said "I'll take them".  As soon as they were on my feet, they just felt right, like they belonged.  I just got back from my first run in them & I am sure.  They are the soft, cushy extension of me that my high arches have been begging for all this time!  So even though I'm a sweaty, gross mess because it is still 90 degrees and humid out there, I am on cloud 9!  I can't wait to take them on a long run later in the week....& maybe dinner & a movie ;-D

Happy Running!


jillconyers said...

Finding "the one" is the best! Right now my one is Saucony Pro Grid 4 :)

I'm a new follower!

ashley said...

woooo! congrats! i am still hoping for this moment one day! haha

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones who found your match!