Friday, October 28, 2011

1000th Mile!

1000th Mile!!!! (Yep, I stopped to take a picture ;))

Today was a big day for me...I logged my 1000th mile of the year! I know a lot of you are WAY beyond this, but for me it is a first!  Last year I logged 592 miles total.  I still have 2 months to go! Wow! What a difference deciding to train for a marathon makes!

Not only was it a glorious day...a bit cool, hovering around freezing, but the sun was out and it WASN'T SNOWING like last night...but it was a great tempo run for me:

I like to see sub-11 miles on longer runs:-)

I also hooked up the HR monitor again, and I think if I am actually dilligent about speed workouts, I can improve a bit too. My HR was actually in the 140's most of the time.

This was one of my 'secret' goals floating around in my head through the year...Do you have little milestones you mark out for yourself just to see if you can do it?

1 week to my 'for the shirt' half marathon ;)

Happy Running!


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Congratulations. Getting to 1,000 is big in my opinion. You are right, preparing for a marathon helps get the miles up for sure.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congrats ... 1,000 is AWESOME!!! Milestones like that really put our year in perspective. Great work!!!

Jose said...

Congrats!! 1000 miles is huge!! Makes me wish I had kept track of my miles this past year.

Caroline said...

I am getting close and it will be a first for me as well

Unknown said...

That awesome! Congrats. I am nowhere near that! While lots of people run way more than 1000+, there are lots that don't and lots of us looking up to you!

Nelly said...

Congrats on the 1000th mile! Honestly I think I've only gone over 1000 miles maybe once during my running career, so going over that mark is awesome!

And that is great you went to Dover too! That city was my favorite city the whole trip I went on last year.

The St. George marathon does indeed sound awesome, and yes I loved that promo video too!