Monday, October 10, 2011

Now What???????

I have spent the better part of the last year psyching myself up & training to run my first marathon.  Now that I have actually DONE it, I am left thinking "Now what?" 

I also feel like I need to join 'Runners' anonymous'....Hi, my name is Tracy & I am addicted to Running'....oh wait, that's what this blog is! Here is an example of my current level of running crazy:
I am going to run the Red Baron Half Marathon on November 6th. It took some serious juggling at work to be able to do, I have to work 7a-11a, leave go run at 1pm, then come back and work 7p-11p! This is a very small local race.  If they get 300 people that's a big turnout.  It is also considered a very difficult course.  The first 5 miles are crazy hills, then it is 7 miles of quad destroying downhill.  They don't give a medal.  In fact, the plain cotton tshirt isn't even worth the $20 entry fee.  Why am I doing this? Here's where the crazy comes in: for the shirt.  This year, if you ran The Wineglass Marathon or half & then run the Red Baron, you get a tech T that says you are a member of the new "Wine Baron" Running club.  My club 'o crazy will be easily identifiable now ;-D
Have you ever done something to be able to run a race or ran it for a strange reason?

So seriously,  other than this half, I have nothing on the schedule.  I am thinking of the May Toronto Marathon...anyone done that one?  There are a bunch I'd LIKE to do, but they involve extensive travel and I don't think I can justify that yet. 

So, my fellow crazy running addicts....what are your plans for the upcoming year? What are your 'bucket list' marathons?


Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

Hey! I noticed that you are a new follower on my blog, so I decided to check out your blog as well. I'm glad I'm here, and now a follower.

My race plans for the year include a 7 miler (which I've never done before) and several half marathons. I've run two full marathons, basically to prove to myself that I could...not sure if I'll ever put myself through that again. LOL!

Penny said...

I'm doing my 2nd full marathon this sunday.
An off road race 7 miler in nov.
New Year day I'm doing a 5k.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I have no immediate plans! I need to start working on them though as I need some motivation!

Nelly said...

lol at this comment "Hi, my name is Tracy & I am addicted to Running". I think all of us would have to join that club!

Sounds good on the Red Baron race, that sounds like a fun race. I mean a lot of the races that I've done over the past 10 years have had bad shirts and no medals, but I do the race because I have fun at it.

Probably the weirdest race I do is a race on 1/1, so I can't really party that much on New Years eve, haha

I know Toronto has a lot of good races, I have a couple Toronto area bloggers that I follow:

And thanks for your comment about the San Jose half marathon, I like your thought that I did a ton of work before the race with rehab exercises, even though I couldn't do the race. I might wear the race shirt after all =)

Coy Martinez said...

See, I run races just for the atmosphere and to do them instead of a training run. That's why I love this month. I have no training runs, only races each weekend. Lame but true.

Next year, lets see. A half in March, then the Derby full in April, maybe the Flying Pig Marathon next to that one. Sometimes they're back to back days.

I'll enter for NYC again and sign up for Chicago. It's such a disease.

Caroline said...

I am just like Coy. I run races for the fun of it and being a part of the event. I do at least one per month. I have some planned until May 2012...

ihaverun said...

LOVE that you are running it for that shirt!

I have nothing on the calendar after December. Kind of strange after the crazy year of racing I've had!

Bucket list? NYC Marathon is at the top!

Molly said...

I have to get through the rest of this year before planning next year....Congrats on becoming a Marathoner!