Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day Showdown!!!

Mandatory pre-race family photo ;)
It is Thanksgiving here & I am often asked if we celebrate American Thanksgiving. My response is ALWAYS "heck, yeah"! The opportunity to celebrate twice = more delicious turkey & pie for me! Of course I'm all over that! Today was different for me though... I actually didn't work! Normally if it's my holiday off I will work for a co-worker anyway as I've already had my true thanksgiving & it makes no difference to me if we chow down a day late or at an odd time of day. But no one asked me so here I am at home lazing away :)

Thing 1, the Victor! Dad is sad.
Thing 1: 1, SD: 5
I can be lazy because I participated in my 1st Pie & Glove 5k this morning & completely exceeded my expectations! 5k is NOT my distance... Too speedy for me....BUT, I got to run with the whole family today so I was IN! We woke up to sunshine & frost covered ground. It was cold, but fine once we all got ourselves bundled up.  In fact, if we hadn't had to wait around so long once we got to the start, I could have easily ditched the jacket.  1500 people came out to run today....double the number of runners from last year! Wow! Today was a big day in our house....the Turkey Day 5K Showdown between SD & Thing 1! Thing 1 lost the 13.1 to SD by 48 seconds....there was much trash talk this week about who was going to come out victorious. In the end, Thing 1 ran a PR & finished in 19:08, 39/1500 runners beating SD by 54 seconds. SD ran 20:02 and came 4th in his age category...Darn, missed out on a pie by 1 place!  There was much discussion after the race however, and by SD's calculation, he is still the winner because he still holds the 8k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 & Tri categories.  Here he is counting it out:

I think my socks may have given me
 the winning edge ;D
As for the showdown between Thing 2 & I.....well, I was flying....average pace 8:37!!!!!! For a time of 26:16....a PR by over 2 minutes for me!  Thing 2 stuck with me for the first 2 miles then dropped off, for a finishing time of 28:40....which is still pretty good in my books!  What a great way to start a day of Thankfullness!

Today I am Thankful for:
1: My Family, who supports me, laughs at my socks but still has a sense of humour enough to come out in public and run with me! Plus they tolerate my constant taking of photos & don't mind when they randomly appear on my blog :)
2: My husband, who still makes my heart flutter when I see him. (Sorry boys, if I made you wretch a little bit reading this ;))
3:  My boys, whom I am so proud are both turning into fine young men!
4: My job, that I love, even when it makes me scream...& my awesome co-workers who always make me laugh when I need it the most.
5: All of you in the blogosphere who give me support, encouragement & virtual high-fives! I can't thank you enough.

And finally, on this Thanksgiving day, I am VERY thankful for a son who chose to learn how to cook for his International Bacclaureate Personal Project, because he came home from the race and made these:

Pumpkin Pie
Tarte de Sucre
(Sugar Pie)


Coy Martinez said...

That was a great race re-cap! I think you and I might be similiar in that since we run longer normally we take those first few miles to get warmed up so we're not really working on speed. It's hard to hear that gun and know that you just have to GO! No warm up! :)

I ran a 27:27 and that was a PR for me. The last .5 I did in 7:30 and I was grumbling at myself because I felt that maybe I could have held that for longer. Probably a fluke because I've only run that fast on a steep downhill normally :) HAHAHAHAHA!

Those pies looked pretty great! Lots to be thankful for there!!

RunToTheFinish said...

2 min pr in a turkey race that's unheard of! ours is so crowded I'm just hoping not to get trampled :)

and i agree with your philly post

Nelly said...

Awesome job on the race! A 2 min PR is gigantic! Glad the whole family is in on the act, your family sounds really fast to me!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Thank you for telling me what IB stands for! I was thinking "irritable bowel" but I would think PB cup cookies would aggravate that! I just have to keep reading and I'll figure out all of the abbreviations soon enough! Like "SD." I know "DH" is dear husband...