Sunday, February 12, 2012

I think it's the Hair that makes him fast ;)

I think it's the hair that makes him fast ;)
I forfeited my February race today & was happy to do it because I got to see Thing 1 run 3 of the best races of his life! SO very proud of him! He had an indoor track meet today and was seeded pretty high...I was nervous for him....but he was AWESOME!
1st in the 2 mile with a 10:58
2nd in the Mile @ 5:10
3rd in the 4x800M relay with a 2:23 leg. PR's in all!!!!
Good thing there was a Five Guys Burgers in the meet town...this kid was HUNGRY!

In between races I scored these slick new kicks: Brooks Pure Flow in a smokin' hot pink & took them for a test run as soon as we got home...they rock.

And last but not least, I was pleasantly surprised this week when this bling arrived from the Nike Women's Half marathon that I participated in virtually in January! Pretty sweet, eh?


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I can't imagine running that fast! Just think if he CUT his hair how much more aerodynamic he would be! I've never heard of getting swag AFTER the race! Sweet!

Michael said...

Wow those are GREAT times!! Congrats! I can't even do one mile that fast, much less two :)

Love the new kicks! I love my Brooks PURE - they rock!

Ransick said...

Wow, he is smokin' fast! That must be fun to watch.

Nice race bling too!

Kathy said...

wow - he's super fast! Definitely the hair. :)

That swag is awesome!

On the Right Track said...

those shoes are smokin...let me know how they feel!

Thanks for the follow:)

SPM said...

Awesome and that's some great bling!