Monday, March 19, 2012

I have a new LOVE!

And her name is the trail! I went for my first run with my new trail buddy today....she who is crazy enough to also think running a 50k through the woods will be fun & exciting (even though we've never trail run before)! Yes, we are riding this crazy train together & I have to say I'm loving the journey!!!!

We set out today with a goal of going slow & easy. We just wanted to see what was out there in those wooded hills behind our houses. There are what seems to be an endless amount of trails up there, from single track, to ATV trail to gravel roads. We tried All kinds. Before I knew it we were 2 hours in and still feeling fresh! Now granted we were averaging 20 minute miles, but we were tackling steep hills, sightseeing, and learning how to orient ourselves In the woods. It only took 2 route tracking programs, a gps map, and a compass app on 2 iPhones (+2 Garmins, of course) to keep us roughly oriented! Lol! If it wasn't for technology we'd run a pretty good chance of becoming a search and rescue mission.
Cornerstone 1847

We found some crazy stuff out on the this fireplace with trees growing out of it. This is part of why we were slow, our curiosity. We couldn't just run by this type of thing. We had to stop and check it out. We found a stone with the year 1847 carved into it!

We found an absolutely gorgeous lake. We tried to run the perimeter but it was too wet and boggy around the edges still and had to turn back. Plus I'm pretty sure those geese were guarding a nest judging by the cool reception we received from them. Soon though!

We also came across some weird signs:
'Trail'...thanks for the tip
uh really...cause I'm not sure how you'd get a wheelchair TO this point!
4 point deer carcas

The scene of a crime:

And the door to the Leprechaun Kingdom;)

Leprechaun door???
Today was also a personal learning experience. I learned:

I can run without music!

I have found the perfect "sole sister" & can actually run WITH a partner. I was not so sure I would enjoy it. I was wrong...SO much fun!

Trail buddy!
I need a donkey or Sherpa to run with me to carry stuff.

In lieu of the aforementioned Sherpa, I need a camelback with some good storage space. I'm packing a sandwich next time. Seriously. I had the usual running 'food' with me and I could have eaten an entire cow I was so hungry when I got home!

4 hours. 12.5 miles. I smelled like a hockey bag by the end. Even so, my trail buddy still wants to run with me again!
2 deer legs...gross!

This is so freakin' fun!

So ultra/trail runners out there...any tips?

What is more important: miles run or time on your feet?

Beautiful pond!
Um, sure I won't swim
GPS, my new bff
really???this was a field!
Trail buddy checking our location


Ransick said...

What a great adventure right in your back yard! I'm jealous!

XLMIC said...

LOVE the trails :) Yours are full of interesting photo ops! I'd say time on your feet. But I am no expert.

Kathy said...

I'm so jealous that you have this right out your back door! I would love that! My non-expert opinion is time on your feet is most important - sounds like you had a blast!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You are very brave, lady! It does look like fun, though. I know it's not as dangerous, but I think of James Franco and '127Hours!'

abbi said...

Looks great and I'm jealous you can get to it from behind your house as well. I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to trails that I know I can be on without getting shot off someone's private property! Time on your feet is what I've heard but certainly no expert!

Penny said...

Love running buddies. So happy you have someone to run with. It makes for a much more enjoyable run. I to am finding that I like trails. It just seems to go so much faster and more exciting. Great pics

Rachelle Q said...

SO much fun! Glad you had a great time and had a running buddy!

Coy Martinez said...

I love trail racing. I remember the first day I ever ran ON a trail period was the day I actually RAN a half marathon on it. I was so lost, my legs weren't use to the back and forth foot placement. I averaged close to 13 min miles and I was EXHAUSTED at the end. I mean, how could I have gone so slow but yet worked so hard? HAHAHAHAHA! I do love it, it's such a cool change of pace from the pavement!

Probably miles and time on your feet are equally important! Getting use to going at a faster pace and not face planting! Those roots and rocks are tricky :) I do love how trail sneakers cost way less than regular running shoes!

Jose said...

I love trail runs!! That's when I run for the fun of it. Nothing fast. Just for the experience. I think I might just do a trail run tomorrow :)

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying it!! Love that you are having a great time running with a buddy.

Keep up the good work on the trails!

Kate Geisen said...

I LOVE trails. Love them. And the more you run on them, the more comfortable you'll be with varying terrain and all the little rocks and roots and obstacles along the way. Trail running is sooo much more fun than road running for me.

Teamarcia said...

Sounds like quite the adventure! I've only done a few trail runs so I have no great advice. I do think you'd love an ultra though!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I don't have much advice - I'm new to 50Ks, too, but I have a Charm Camelbak. Hope you're training goes well!

Nelly said...

Great trail pics! Sounds like you had a great time! I guess I've always been more of a trail runner, I just recently switched more to running on roads, not sure if its coincidental that I started to get injured more when I transitioned more to roads. Trail running is great for overall fitness, because it requires small changes of direction laterally and really works your hips I think. Same with hill running. So when I get fully healthy I am going to try to go back to running more on trails.

As for your question, for trail running I think both miles run and time spent are good ways of measuring what you do. You have to throw your pace out the window on trail runs! But when you do go back to roads, you will likely be faster an stronger as a runner!

TriMOEngr said...

This looks like a crazy fun day. I like the pace you posted - I should totally switch to trails! I could probably keep up then. And running buddies are the BEST!

Suz and Allan said...

What a fun run! Glad you have found the perfect running buddy!

On the Right Track said...

Wow...looks like fun. I am so glad that you are finding another great way to enjoy running. I have never done trail running, and am a bit nervous about it because of my injuries...but, hopefully one day I will try it and love it just like you!
Running buddies make all the difference don't they?

Suzy said...

Trail running looks like so much fun, but it is such hard work! I bet it is great to have a buddy to go with. Enjoy your trails.

The Green Girl said...

Loved this! You cracked me up with your search and rescue mission - glad you made it home safely with all your tracking devices.

I think trail running is heaven.