Monday, October 1, 2012

Marathon #3....Check!

31st Wineglass Marathon

Mile 20.5 & happy again!
Finished: With Thing 2
We had a busy weekend! Thing 1 & Thing 2 had a big meet Saturday up in Rochester, so before driving up there, we stopped at the expo to pick up our race packets.  It was quick & easy.  I picked up an extra casual shirt & grabbed probably much more than my share of the free 'Turtles' off a table! You know it has to be a good race when your favourite chocolate treat is FREE ;-D.  Then it was off to Rochester to the McQuaid Invitational....both boys did great! I love watching this meet...there are over 6000 runners & the ground shakes when 500 boys run by at breakneck speed! Plus it's a great spectator actually get to see your kid run by 5 times.  Much better than the regular drive 2 hours, see your kid for 10 seconds courses that we usually end up at. 

Who needs to buy a tattoo when you have a sharpie?
Free Turtles...yes, please!
It was a beautiful morning! The weather I had hoped for last year! It was an easy morning, since this was our local race.  Got up around 5, then drove the 10 minutes to the finish line & hopped on a bus out to the start.  I parted company with SD here as he got on the bus for the Half marathon.  No wait, I just got on the bus and we were at the start in 20 minutes or so.  Found a bunch of my Ragnar buddies at the start, wished them luck, hit the portopotty, checked my bag and chatted with a few folks while waiting for the start.  I lined up with the 4:40 pacer. I wasn't sure I'd use him, but thought I'd give it a try since my unicorn goal was 4:39:59.  He was a good guy but he ran strangely. He'd speed up and slow down every mile.  He said he didn't wear a Garmin and always just went with heart rate.  Well, to me it seemed like I was doing fartlek's for several miles so I went on my own.  I had the race chunked into 5 mile splits and I was bang on at 5 and 10, within a minute on 15 but my left knee started to go on me in mile 17 and I lost my pace.  The ache was killing me. I pulled way over 11 minute miles 17 - 20.5. I was way behind...over 5 minutes. Then at 20.5....when the thought actually crossed my mind that I could just turn the corner and go home instead, I had a surprise visit from SD! He had gone home after the half to shower and stopped at the corner to cheer me on before going back to meet me at the finish.  It was just what I needed! Then about 20 feet after this, I saw one of the trainers from the gym and she was cheering like a crazy person for me too! A high five and I was a new person! My legs knew where I was and I was able to dig deep and I just took off! I just kept latching on to a jersey in front of me and I just kept picking people off!  One after the other, I flew past and my smile was back! I didn't count, but I know I passed at least a hundred people in the last 6 miles.  Even though I didn't get close to my unicorn goal & I missed a PR by 30 seconds, I know I gave it my all and had a strong finish! Thing 2 even gave me my gorgeous glass medal & Thing 1 wrapped me in a blanket! I couldn't ask for a better way to finish a race!

I am not the KT tape spokesperson...honest!
It's not a race without a picture in front of the potties!
I knew going into the race that I was fighting injury and was not in peak condition, so even though I had the time goal in the back of my mind, I really just wanted to enjoy this race.  I LOVE the course & it's so cool when you know so many people who organize, volunteer & run.  Familiar faces all over.  When you live in a town of 10000, a race like this really does just take it over....the whole community is involved.  I also did something I never do....I chatted with runners during the race.  I am not a group runner.  I am rather solitary. I like it that way.  For some reason though, I had some great conversations with folks from all over.  I met a guy running his 228th marathon & guy from Canada running his 1st.  I cheered people on who were struggling & thanked the endless volunteers along the course.

I am definitely feeling sore today.  I was pretty stiff this morning, so I went out and did a really slow 1.5 miles to clear some of the lactic acid.  I feel almost back to normal now.  I'm going to scale back a bit now.  Take care of myself and try to heal some of the nagging pains that have developed over a high volume spring and summer.  I have one more goal for this fall, but we'll get to that another day.  I have my eye on the Flying Pig for the spring....but we'll see.  Today I just want to enjoy that post marathon glow :)

Congratulations to everyone who ran this weekend!


Coy Martinez said...

Congrats on your finish!! Any marathon finish where you're picking people off is a good finish! It really helps when you see people cheering your on! You don't want to let them down! :)

Penny said...

Awesome finish girl. I love that you are still smiling at the end. My last marathon I just wanted it to be done, was very tired.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job on your marathon. I can't even imagine 228 marathons, that guy is pretty amazing!

Love the pretty pink shirt you got.

Nelly said...

Nice race!

That pacer guy did sound odd, I know that pacers tend to try to keep an even effort during races, but speeding up and slowing down seems like a bad idea unless you are doing uphills and downhills. Doing something that feels like fartlek seems like a great way to get tired out fast.

lol on the pacer band sharpie style!

And 228 marathons? That is insane!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I ran Flying Pig this year. I cannot emphasize enough the need to do lots of hill training - the more the better, then do more after you think you did enough. Just sayin' Great race though. I've got a review on my blog if interested.

Unknown said...

Always love reading race reports and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm totally going to grab a sharpie for my next long race, I always seem to lose my little piece of paper that I write my splits on!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! What an amazing finish! I was looking for you at the start but there were several people with pink compression socks, none were you :)It's funny I was thinking about doing the Flying Pig half next year!

Jamie said...

Congratulations on a great race! You definitely passed me, but I didn't see you, I was probably delirious when you passed by me.

Ransick said...

Congrats! How cool is that seeing DH and a trainer when you were in a rough spot and kicking it into gear to finish with your kids working the finish line? Sounds amazing to me.

Jose said...

Awesome...... completely awesome!!! Congrats on your 3rd marathon!!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Awesome job! I hope I have that much determination during my half on Sunday!

TriMOEngr said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great race all around. Loved the tape spokesperson comment. Whatever works!

Suz and Allan said...

Congratulations on a great race! I'm sure next time you will have a new PR!