Monday, July 1, 2013

Limestone Mile

Happy Canada Day! 

And we are actually in Canada at our cottage! Yay! As we were driving up on Friday it occurred to us that there might be a Canada day race around. A quick Internet search found us The Limestone Mile in Kingston, Ontario. Great location as it was only about an hour's drive & had race day registration. Not exactly my distance but definitely the preferred distance of Thing 1& Thing 2. 

And SURPRISE...Canada's fastest marathoner Dylan Wykes was there to start each race! Very cool! 
This guy is seriously fast! 2:10:47 marathoner! That's a 5 minute mile for an entire marathon! And very nice too. Cheered on all the kids as they ran by. 

The kids race went off first. There were even a couple of toddlers under 2 that finished the entire distance! It was stinkin' cute!

Next it was time for the women to line up. Dylan challenged us to run under 5 minutes. Haha. Funny guy. There were 2 separate and distinct groups lining up. The fasties & the 'oh my god, what was I thinking' groups. Clearly, I was glad there were others like me in the latter group! 
Before I knew it we were being counted down and we were off. 

The pace was fast & I took off as best I could. Somewhere in the middle of the slow group. It was a 2 loop course and I held my spot through the first. Thing 2 was yelling at me to pick up my's his pet peeve about my running form. I tried and I will admit it does help me run faster. About a kilometre in I started gaining on a couple women in front of me and was able to pass them and hold on to it! Yay! No one passed me the entire race & my pace hurt but I didn't want to die like I did in the indoor track mile I did in the winter. 

Crossed the line in 8:17!
Not speedy by any stretch of the imagination but respectable. I'll take it. 

Plus it was fun to run in Kingston, which is a very pretty city. 

Thing 1 & 2 ran too. They are not happy with their times so I will leave that out. But they had fun & also thought having Dylan there was pretty cool. 

Don't they look happy I took their picture? ;)

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of myself????? There was a photographer there, if I find any on the race site later I'll add them :)


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

8:17 is a great time! That's what I was hoping for, but fell about 30 seconds short. Oh, well, there's always next year...

Jamie said...

Great job!! I'm glad you found a race on Canada Day!