Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Runner Mindset...

Today I ran 9 miles. A 'quick' 9 miler before I headed off to Thing1&2's first XC meet if the season. It occurs to me, as I revisit my thought process for this run that my view on distances has transformed drastically since I cursed through my first 2 miler 4 years ago. 

Friday night as I lay in bed I considered what I'd run today. I need a long run this weekend but I didn't think I be able to fit in 16 miles before we had to leave. (I refuse to get up earlier than I have to on a workday!). I arrived at 9 miles because I could A) sleep until 6:30
B) run at or around race pace enough miles to feel like I got a good run in but not have dead legs for my 3 hour run tomorrow (I'll let you know how that turns out!). 
C) just long enough to avoid hauling fuel and water
D) home and showered in time to leave by 9:30

Seriously?!? When on earth did my mindset switch so that 9 miles 'isn't tht long' & 'ONLY takes an hour and a half"

The runners's an unexplainable thing! 

Btw, I have also convinced myself I can run a marathon topping out at 17 (crappy) miles. Yeah, ├╝ber cray cray ;-D

Oh and this is what Thing 1 tells me I'm like when he's driving. He's pretty much right. 

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Nelly said...

Nice work on the runners mindset lol

Yea NYC is an awesome city, so many things to do here, and great food to eat. Central Park was a lot of fun to run in.