Friday, February 28, 2014

14 miles on the Dreadmill...

Dear Winter, 
I hate you. I hate that Every. Single. Day. I wake up to a stupid igloo graphic on Weatherbug because you can't get your S@!t together to get the temperature up above zero....Fahrenheit. Thanks for the gusts of wind, snow squalls & ice. They are awesome 😳. I have put up with a lot and done my runs outside anyway. But I have a spring marathon to run...that I WANT to run. And well. Today, because I couldn't figure out a way to run outside for almost 2 1/2 hours without getting frostbite I was forced onto the dreadmill. It was awful. 
Here are some 'highlights':
-I arrived in the middle of a 'treading' class. The only open mill was at the front right by the yelling instructor. 40 minutes of this. 
-I couldn't figure out how to reset the pre-set 1 hour time limit right away so had to do it in 2 time blocks....kinda takes the bada$$ out of your workout when the new person next to you looks at you sweating like a pig and the mill says 1 mile. I kinda wanted to yell "plus 6.25!!!" 
-I watched Day of our Lives for the first time since we used to watch it in the student lounge in University in 1991. The people are the same. I picked it up right away. That is sad. 
-It is also possible to simultaneously watch CNN, Rachel Ray & The President & Veep run around the White House and follow along with all of them if the closed captioning is on. 
-I NEVER want to do that again. 
-it caused me anxiety not being able to Garmin my run so I can analyze splits. 
-I nailed my last 3 miles at marathon pace. Sub mp actually. 9:40, 9:50, 9:30

So, winter, that's it. We are done. Finito. Bring on the global warming. 


Kate Geisen said...

Ugh!! I did that once when we were out of town for a volleyball tournament...I think every parent on the team passed through the gym while I was in there!

Your comment about Days made me laugh. I used to watch it in high school...can you imagine having watched it faithfully all these years only to have someone step right in and still be more or less up to date?

Hang in there...surely this winter is going to let up soon!

Anonymous said...

Just from reading the title I feel bad for you. That must have been so horrible, but you did it!

Ransick said...

14 miles on a treadmill is bad ass! Great mental training for sure.

Michael said...

14 miles on a treadmill would make me want to poke my eyes out. You are amazing! I don't know how you did it. I have never heard of a treading class??