Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Days to Toronto & Tapering...

As I got ready to run this morning I commented to my husband that "I'm not sure running 3 miles is even worth it". But I laced up my shoes & went out to run 3 miles because 3 miles is what Coach Heather told me to run today. Then about a mile into my run I realized that I am LUCKY to be able to run 3 miles! I have patients that can't even walk to the bathroom let alone consider running anywhere...can you even imagine??? I also remembered a time when I couldn't run to the next street light without huffing &puffing & swearing in my head.

So today I remember how far I've come and am very thankful for it.

....and now I've going to go get out my staple gun and re-cover some chairs...because it's only 9am on my day off, my run is already done and I have WAY too much time on my hands ;-D


Jamie said...

We are lucky that we get to run!! I'm excited to see how you do at the race this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Now is the time to get your mental game ready before the race this weekend. You got it!!