Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Good luck, Don't die"

"Good luck, don't die." - those were the words of encouragement offered up by Thing 2 when I told him I was going out for 16 miles. Lucky for him I am still in the land of the living because I've got the Harry Potter tickets for tonight! I am happy to report that I logged my longest run yet...16.8 miles! You may wonder why the .8? That is the discrepancy between my Nike+ & my mapped run. I know when I get into longer runs, the Nike+ gets less accurate, but I wasn't taking any chances & waited til it announced "16 miles completed" before shutting it down...I wasn't taking any chances! Maybe one day I will break down & buy a garmin...but I figure, I always run more during races than what the officially mapped course says.

The run itself was pretty good. I planned it out in my head so I'd be able to stop at a corner store around mile 8 to replenish my fluids. This worked pretty well as I'd just finished the 20 ounces I'd started out with. Plus, being a cheapskate worked in my favor too as I couldn't turn down the 2 for $2 sale on Gatorade .... Hahaha....glad I did though because I poured one into my water bottle & ran with the other. Between my little 5 minute break at mile 8 and the next 2 miles that bottle was done! Btw, it was 81F today...slight breeze....not horrible for running late morning , early afternoon. The last 2 miles hurt though. They were definitely tough. And as I walked the half mile uphill home "cooling down" I gave serious consideration to knocking on my friends door & asking for a ride down the street! I made it & both Thing 1 & Thing 2 took time out from their nerd gun fight to announce "hey, you're not dead! Awesome!"

I will say I walked into the house & lay for several minutes on the floor before mustering the energy to go shower...I think I've earned a glass of wine ;D...after all, I'm still alive!


Nelly said...

Nice job! Setting a new PR in running distance is always exciting!

The Green Girl said...

I agree, congratulations on the PR and I'm glad you're not dead!