Monday, August 22, 2011

Mixed Feelings...

Do you ever have a run that was both good & bad?  I did today.  It was really strange.  It was great because the weather was perfect....felt like fall here with the sun shining & a cool breeze that didn't sap the will to live from me for a change!  It was great because my overall pace was 10:20 & I KILLED 2 of those miles with 9:38 & 9:52 splits.  Seriously, my feet were turning over like I was Fred Flinstone heading home for dinner ;-D!  I felt fast & light!

Here are my splits:

But bad because I had to stop not once but TWICE (TMI moment coming on...feel free to stop reading here) for potty breaks! Really. On a lousy 6 mile run I had to make pitstops twice.  I hate that!  What if this happens during the marathon?  Yesterday was 6 weeks to the Wineglass Marathon & I am having periodic anxiety attacks about my ability to not only finish it, but to be able to run and enjoy it without having to look for a place to stop multiple times.  I have another 20 on deck this week...

Oh, and a HUGE shout-out to Michael @ Slowly Tri-ing who PR'd another sprint tri!
Happy Running :)

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Christina @ The Athletarian said...

You will be able to finish it and if you have to stop it's OK!!!!!

Honestly though, I am a chronic pee-er and I didn't have to go once during my marathon. Probably because all of my internal liquids were on my clothes from sweating so much! Now that's TMI.

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