Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riders on the Storm...

3am....CRASH! BOOM!....the skies opened like Mother Nature had been saving the whole of the summers' rain for this moment in time, thus foiling my early morning running plan. DARN!  I was really looking forward to having some company even though it was a small part of my run.  The storm was still going strong at 5:15am and I had to forfeit. I don't mind a little rain (after all those years in the Pacific Northwest I'm fairly immune) but I had to draw the line at thunder & lightening. Getting electrocuted is not my thing, so text message sent to cancel & back for a couple more hours sleep.  Then around 8 it stopped, & though it was dull & humid, I decided to consult Weatherbug. I took a chance and head out.

I'm stubborn, but not willing to risk my ipod's health based soley on Weatherbug!
What did we do before the invention of the ziplock bag???

All was going well.  I even figured out a way to get almost 5 miles out of my subdivision before having to strap on my waterbelt.  My pace was good and I'd mentally broken down my run into 5 mile increments.  Then I got a call from Thing 1 around mile 13 asking for a ride home from XC practise....really? I'm running, I know your legs aren't broken since you just did 2 hours of XC practise and we only live a mile from the school? You can walk.  He found a ride. So back to it, ziplocked blackberry stowed again.....except my water $ must have fallen out of the pouch when I answered the phone....dumb, dumb, dumb. I should have checked!!!! That was a pleasant surprise at the corner store at mile 15.5. This was not good.  It was getting hot & I knew I was a couple miles from where I last dropped a bottle of water.  Detour & walk/run started.  Hit a wall around 16...more walking than running.  Got to my water and decided that packing it in was the smart thing to do. 
So total of 18.3 miles.  Disappointed I didn't get to 20, but happy that the first 16 were good.  I will take it. In the long run it is better to stay healthy at this point so I can finish the I got a run in that I thought I wouldn't be able to do earlier in the day.

Laps 19

Avg Pace
Summary 03:57:35       18.28       12:59
1 00:10:34 1.00 10:34
2 00:11:28 1.00 11:28
3 00:12:07 1.00 12:07
4 00:11:36 1.00 11:36
5 00:11:29 1.00 11:29
6 00:11:49 1.00 11:49
7 00:11:42 1.00 11:42
8 00:11:47 1.00 11:47
9 00:11:55 1.00 11:55
10 00:12:20 1.00 12:20
11 00:11:37 1.00 11:37
12 00:12:34 1.00 12:34
13 00:12:50 1.00 12:50
14 00:11:58 1.00 11:58
15 00:12:57 1.00 12:57
16 00:12:32 1.00 12:32
17 00:17:41 1.00 17:41
18 00:22:16 1.00 22:16
19 00:06:15 0.28 22:00


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job protecting the iPod I am going to have to remember that trick!

Penny said...

You had me laughing at thing 1 called. My running partner kids are always calling her . SHE always say ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

We just need to chalk it up as a good 18 mile run and work on the 20 next wk. We can do this. AS EMZ SAYS WE GOT THIS. Thank you, It is so nice to know some one had the same thing going on today as I did. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones out there having issues with their runs.

Nelly said...

Nice job on the run, sounds like it went well!

That is hilarious on one of your kids calling for a ride even though you live 1 mile from the school. That would take like 15-20 minutes max to walk home! haha

Jose said...

That sucks about the money. Good run though! I wish I would have thought about the ziplock bag trick before my last race. The rain killed my iPod that day... :(

Neon Blonde Runner said...

So today my iPod crapped out halfway through my still hasn't woken up yet. Should have brought a ziplock bag...

Nice long run!! 18 is LONG!