Monday, September 12, 2011

Flooding, State of Emergency, Mandated Working ... and a little running

So I've been out of touch this past week.  You may have heard about the flooding in Pennsylvania & NY...not sure how big the news was nationwide, but suffice it to say, I have never seen anything like it. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...


Just a few blocks from the hospital...

This is a huge park that my sons' run XC in & also the site of STAC meet there anytime soon :(

Bridge 3 blocks from hospital...

Sayre, PA was the westernmost affected flood location. Luckily, I live 40 miles west & was personally safe. The hospital exit was the last open on the interstate from my direction so I was called in.  Dozens & dozens of doctors, nurses & support staff were unable to get in from the east, north and south.  I was glad I could get there! Exhausting though! I have never had the experience of being mandated and not allowed to leave.  We had no potable running water. The OR's were closed. The county was officially in a State of Emergency.  A nursing home was flooded and our auditorium is now a residence for many, many senior citizens.  I am exhausted and thankful that my family is safe and dry. The same cannot be said for many of my co-workers, some of whom showed up to work despite their own personal tragedies.  I am in awe at their strength, courage & dedication.

By the time I was finally released from work I was exhausted, collapsed into bed & for the first time did NOT travel to Thing 1's XC meet on my saturday off.  I felt like a bad mother...especially when he PR'd by a minute and a half, finishing 17th overall with a time of 20:34 for 5K!!!! He told me tonight that he may snag the 7th Varsity spot for this weekends meet! I am so proud! 1st place wins for Varsity & JV boys and JV girls!

                                                                                 JV Hawks!

By the time sunday rolled around I had a measly 8 miles in for the week & my long run that had been scheduled for thursday had been thrown to the wayside due to the circumstances.  Sunday came & though I didn't get out until the afternoon, I in a GOOD 20 miler! It took 3 hours 58 minutes, but I did it without any walking!  Less than 3 weeks to go....I think I got this!


Jim ... 50after40 said...

We've had our share of flooding in these parts this year - not fun! A lot of people rebuilding homes and lives. Best wishes to everyone in the area.

Jose said...

My goodness! My prayers are with all down there!!