Friday, September 16, 2011

Marathon playlist?

I want to thank everyone who offered such encouraging words during my recent freakout/battle with self doubt...I really appreciate all the support I've received over the past few months from the blogosphere. I am here on the cusp of something I never EVER imagined I would do. I'm nervous. I'm a little bit scared. But the one thing I'm sure of is that I'm going to cross that finish line :). So I need some help. I need approximately 5 1/2 hours of tunes in my brand spankin' new MARATHON playlist. What revs you up? What keeps your feet moving during those long middle miles? What gives you inspiration through to the finish line? I like pretty much everything (except country...well except for Johnny can you not like the man in black???)


A Prelude To... said...

Foo Fighters always gets my legs to turnover faster!

Jose said...

Almost anything from David Guetta gets me moving!! I love listening to house music while running.

Jack's_word said...

Hey Tracy,
Good luck on your race! You can do it.

Black eyed peas - lets get it started
Foster the people - pumped up kicks

Caroline said...

I will ignore your except country....if you read my blog you know who I will say....

Keith Urban: Days Go By. Hit the Ground RUNNING

Tina Turner: the best, better be good to me

Joan Jett: I love rock and roll, I hate myself for loving you

Avril Lavigne: complicated and What the hell

Maroon 5: Misery

Springsteen The Rising and Born in the USA oh and Bobbie Jean

Adele: Rumor has it

Counting Crows: Rain King

Big Machine Goo Goo Dolls

I will wait: hootie and the blowfish

Price Tag: Jessie J

Lady Gaga: you and I, born this way and The Edge of glory

Bryan Adams: all. (what? I am Canadian!)

Pink: raise your glass, just like a pill, so what

Phil Collins: Sussudio

Sinead Oconnor: emperor new clothes

Coy Martinez said...

I listen The Killers, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Jennifer Lopez and tons of other stuff too. Tons. I'll burn you some tunes if you want :)

The Unexpected Runner said...

Wow! Those are some fabulous suggestions! I have a bunch of them (& plenty of Canadian content, Caroline! You forgot about Rush & Tom Cochrane & Red Rider!) I plan to add a bunch of these. 5+ hours is a looooooooong time to run, so keep 'em coming!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I'm late again, but I love 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem, 'Stronger' by Kanye West, 'Move Along' by All American Rejects, 'Let's Get Loud' Jennifer Lopez, 'Dynamite' Taio Cruz, 'In The End' Linkin Park. I have to work on my playlist so I have 2 1/2 hours of music!