Friday, January 18, 2013

How Can Your Feet Move So Fast But You Still Go So Slow???????

This was the question posed to me by Thing 2 on our inaugural Mother-Son Monthly Run last week...Yes, Mama's slow compared to a teenager that routinely runs sub 6 over 7-10 miles...and that's his 'easy' pace!

He was a good egg when I told him on a lazy Saturday afternoon that I was cashing in this for January:

Christmas Present

"I can't believe you're stopping to take a picture" face

So after this surprisingly astute observation I realized that I have cadence down, but I'd run a heck of a lot faster if I just reached out a bit more during my stride! As a result, I've had some awesome runs since then...including a 10 miler on Sunday with a 10:35 overall pace! And that included one long, giant hill that lasts a little over a half mile on mile 9!

Have you ever had a shockingly honest observation that made a difference????


Rachelle Q said...

What a great Christmas present!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Wait, did he run a 10-miler with you?!? That he agreed to run at all with you is impressive, but I'll be floored if he did 10 miles with you! My kids don't run, so a mile would be a major feat!

Jamie said...

I'm glad your first run went well! I love your son's facial expression haha.

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

I really love that you run with your son!!!! This is time you and he will treasure forever!

Ransick said...

Awesome Christmas present! Just tell him it's a recovery run for him :-)

Anonymous said...

Great 10 miler pace! Going for a run once per month with your son is a great speed work out and also you can have some bonding time. What a great gift!!