Thursday, February 28, 2013

...But I Didn't Get To Run.

Do you ever feel this way? I do. Even if I've gotten in a great alternate workout.  Yesterday winter visited us again & I would have been happy to run outside if not for the ice.  Lots of freezing rain.  As much as I hate skipping a planned run, I know I'd hate a broken ankle more.  So off to the gym I went & put in 47 sweaty minutes on the bike, did an awesome strength training class, then hit the pool for 1000 yards.  Still I felt cheated. I really wanted to stick to my plan and have a run in there too.  (and no, I could not suck up the dreadmill). 

Now imagine 4 people running daily!
Today, though, was a whole different day.  It was mild (above freezing), and only lightly snowing.  I had a tempo run scheduled on the marathon torture plan: 6 miles: warmup, 4x1600 @ 9:50 pace, cool-down.  I felt great today, and I know part of the reason was the cross-training yesterday.  Say all you like about sport-specific training but I KNOW that all the other stuff I do is making me a stronger, faster runner. I still don't have an ab, but one day I will ;-D

This is how it played out: Warmup mile: 10:23 Tempo splits: 9:51/9:47/9:47/9:15 Cooldown: 9:46

Best of all, I felt comfortable the whole time.  I was working, for sure, but it was a pace I could sustain.  I think Thing 1 calls it 'threshold'.  I'd have to ask him again & he'd probably roll his eyes so we'll just call it that. 

On a completely different note, as I threw the 2nd load of workout gear in the washing machine this morning I realize just how completely running & sport is enmeshed into our lives.  4 people running/training sometimes twice a day (half-iron training began for SD this week) makes for a LOT of laundry! Do you know I exclusively buy the Tide sport with febreeze in it?

Must go fold....don't know why I bother....


TriMOEngr said...

Guess I should be happy to be the only one training right now (though daughter starts volleyball practice tonight). Awesome on your run - I can barely eek out 6 miles, much less at that kind of pace. Impressed! I think your workout at the gym was rock star worthy. Great job!

Ransick said...

Nice run and nice cross training. The cardio definitely carries over to running as does the core strength.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I look forward to my non-running days and I know what you mean about the workout clothes. I have a second full bath upstairs and all it does is house 2 laundry drying racks for my sweaty stuff to dry out before going into the laundry!!

Jose said...

Drives me nuts when I can't do a planned run.... even if I did cross traing that day! Nothing beats a good run!

Good job getting the cross training in!

Jamie said...

Nice job! I'm aiming for 9:50 pace for my next marathon, we'll see. I'm going to play it smarter this time.

And I support cross-training, I'm a triathlete after all ;)

Alyssa Duhe said...

I gave up on folding clothes. I fly through them so fast they are lucky to actually make it in the closet after being washed. Usually I just put on the clothes right out of the pile on my floor.