Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 1 of Thing 1's Torture Marathon Plan...

So true
On the weekend Thing 1 looked over my training plan and decided that I wasn't likely to meet my goal time without some 'improvements'. He hacked away with his instrument of torture pen & then presented me with a plan that would ensure my early death 'make you work at it a little'.

So yesterday, after my strength class I set out with my assigned speed workout: 6 miles: warmup, 3x1600 @ 8:30 pace with 800M jogs, cool down.

Smartcoach, revised :-0
I was told that the speed pace shouldn't feel like I'm racing. It should feel pretty hard but not completely all out. I was scared and not at all confident I could do this. I didn't. I hit 8:45, 8:55, & 8:56 on my speed intervals. I got a 'that's not bad' from the kid so I guess his plan did work and pushed me harder than I normally would have. Last week, my speed intervals were in the 9:teens. He still thinks that if I work at it I can hit 8:30.  I will continue to try.

I particularly like the easy run crossed out  & sub'd with  13.1 @ race pace! lol!
With a new sense of purpose, I set out today on my assigned 9 mile easy run @ 11:10 pace.  I hit all my splits, felt good and ended up doing 10.7 miles @ 11 even overall! Yay me! Then I hit core class & almost died. LOL! Those classes are killer!

My foot is feeling ok.  I still have to mind it and do my stretching and ice when it flares up, but overall, 1000% better! Hope you all have a fabulous runs today!

Haha! This is me!
Happy Running!


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Wow! I don't think I've EVER planned a long run and ran LONGER! Congrats on starting your training plan!!

Coy Martinez said...

I'm with (above) :) can't believe you went to 10.7! You must have been feeling good. I bet though that after those 8:50's that those 10 plus miles felt pretty easy!

We need more colorful sock photos!!

TriMOEngr said...

Had a nice Valentine run with a friend - super slow and not as long as we sometimes go. Wind in our faces and parties to get to this afternoon (that we thought we'd give the kids a break and not stink up the room - ie. take showers). I'm very impressed with your speed and distance. Someday I'll have to work on speed. Right now, I'm pretty happy just to finish.

Kate Geisen said...

My valentines day "run" will be from my work to my car and from the parking lot into my night class. Wish I'd realized when I picked a Thurs class that I'd be spending V-Day AND my 40th birthday in class! Well, that's not true. I'm totally skipping class on my birthday! :)

Great runs! Way to push yourself on those speedwork intervals! Those 1600s are so hard. 5k speed training has introduced me to 400s and 800s. What?? So much easier to run harder!

And yea for you on the longer long run. That only happens to me when I miscalculate distance on a loop.

Ransick said...

Nice job on the speed work!

I can't believe you did a core class after running nearly 11 miles. That's hardcore.

KovasP said...

It's great that your coach can push you and still see room for improvement!