Monday, May 20, 2013

My New Ride!!!!!

I know you are all waiting for my marathon recap...and I'm working on that I promise! But I couldn't wait to share this.....

What's better to do the day after running your best marathon ever than get a new bike? That's right....I can't think of anything else either!

Here she Christmas & Birthday & next christmas present all rolled up in one awesome white/silver/ teal blue package:

I've been putting off going into the bike shop to get fitted until after my marathon...well, basically because I'm a scaredycat (I'm afraid of going clip less) & if I'm going to drop $$$ on a bike I want to be able to use it right away. And quite frankly, with marathon mileage ramping up the past couple months I've had zilch in the way of cross training motivation or time and as a result it has fallen to the wayside. Until now!!!!

I'm going to give a blatant endorsement of the Geneva Bicycle Shop because they are amazing. My husband made this appointment for me a long time ago. I wasn't really sure I wanted to spend money on a tri bike or just get a regular road bike. I do not think of myself a a 'triathlete' but rather as a runner that dabbles in triathlon. Chad listened to everything I had to say (including my fears & budget & was respectful of both) and showed me both kinds and then it was time to get on the trainer to see how they felt. After many tries and adjustments I got on 'my' bike. The others were ok but this one felt more like it was a part of me right away. I have always felt like I was waging war with my bike whenever I got on it. Not with this one. (She needs a name...SD suggested Glacier for how fast I ride...he cracks himself up...I can't imagine why he hasn't been scooped up by comedy network). 

I spent over 2 hours with Chad and once we found 'my bike' (& bonus, it was on a huge sale so I could actually afford it), Chad had me on that trainer for almost an hour practicing clipping in and out safely. Watching my technique and adjusting it until I could say I was comfortable. I was surprised that it was. Chad told me he'd have no problem changing to regular pedals if I really wasn't comfortable so I tried it. Btw, it turns out that biking clears a ton of lactic acid from the quads so I actually feel ok tonight. Not like I want to go run 5 miles, but ok. 

I excitedly get home and of course want to try it out. I look good in the picture above don't I?  That was taken about 15 seconds before I tried to get on the first time and promptly fell over in my driveway. It hurt. I may have bruised a rib. 

And I did this:

And this:

Well, I guess she is christened & I know what falling feels like. With much trepidation I tried again & did it! Yay me! Managed to get off our hill and to a flat road with little traffic and just rode back and forth for a while practicing getting into aero position and stopping/starting. I cannot believe how much easier it is to climb a hill on this bike! I actually made it home without having to walk! 

Aero is going to take some practice. It's a little nerve wracking having your weight in the center like that. I wobble. & clearly I'm no weeble. 

Here is proof I survived my ride:

It was meant to be. She matches the one cycling outfit I own ;-D

And do not panic...the Garmin is ok! It was just a pin that popped out. Phew!

Who knew a tri bike would be for me??? Not me for sure. But there you go...I have one. 

I'm taking advice from all you brave clipless pedal, aero bar folks...

...and I promise...marathon report soon!


Kate Geisen said...

Very cool!! New bikes are the best!

I'm impressed that you're using aerobars. I have the same fears about my weight in that position. It makes mr nervous even holding my bars near the stem. Clipless pedals, I was so scared to try those too. Haven't had any problems getting in/out on my road bike. A few falls on the MTB, but that's way less predictable. As long as you're conscious of when you're going to need your foot, you should be fine. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I am so scared to try big girl cycling with clipped in shoes and all!

Michael said...

Aero bars and clipless all at once you are brave!! I spent a couple of years on clipless before I upgraded to my tri bike this year. And even then I took the tri bike out with just tennis shoes on the first time. They will definitely both take some getting used to, but super sweet ride!

Ransick said...

Sweet new ride! Now that you have the driveway fall out of the way, you're good, everyone does it at least once :-).

Coy Martinez said...

WOW! New bike!! I went through that same bike cycle. I ended up with a road bike and that's kinda where I've been since then. I may put some aero bars on my road bike but that'll be about it. I fell down three times on my first ride if that makes you feel better :)

TriMOEngr said...

Yay for the new bike!! How cool!! I just went with a used road bike because I wasn't ready to commit the money to a tri bike. I could add clip-on aero bars to it, but I have enough bike handling issues so I haven't. And even after riding it over a year, I laid it over at an intersection last weekend when I didn't get my foot out in time. doh! It is a bit of a right of passage I think. Just wish I didn't still do it! Glad you survived. Maybe you will be the "Unexpected Ironman" one of these days!

Jamie said...

So jealous!!

I'm glad you got back on after falling, I was scared after the first time clipping in but now it is relatively easy.

Unknown said...

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