Monday, May 13, 2013

Running in Spain...Seville

If you want to feel like a speed demon, I suggest you move to Sevilla! Went out for about 5.5 miles along the river path & it was packed with runners. I know a bunch of you live in big cities or in places where people do more than sprint to their car but I don't. If I see a couple other runners out its a good day....and mostly they are speedy folks that go by me so fast they are blurry! However....that was not the case in Seville! My 10:30 pace had me rocketing past many many leisurely runners even with stopping several times to take photos!!! It was AWESOME!

I will say that there were a couple guys out there that meant business. One was wearing a Rotterdam marathon shirt. I was wearing my Toronto marathon shirt. We did the runner nod as we passed in opposite directions. Yeah, I'm cool like that ;-D

Seville was my favourite running place. Nice temps. Easily accessible paths in the downtown core so we could minimise the stoplight stops.

Oh, and I think several Spanish rowing teams were practicing while we were running along the river! We saw 4's & 8's both men and women. The coaches were on these special boats behind the rowers yelling at them through electronic bullhorns. Rowing looks way more expensive than running!


Nelly said...

awesome on running in more cities!

The fastest big city that I've ran in is Melbourne, Australia - seemed like people were flying and I was even running a fast pace lol

Coy Martinez said...

How freaking cool! It's funny you mention rowing. It seems like every race I've done lately where there is an open water swim has a rowing house near it or one you have to go through. A long time ago, i went to summer school in Oxford England and I would LOVE to watch the rowing teams out practicing. It's one of those things I've always wanted to try :)

Suz and Allan said...

What a great place to run! Always nice to feel like you're a really speedy runner.

Michael said...

So jealous!! How cool to run there. It would be cooler to be considered speedy...although I'd prob just blend in, although that would be nice too.

Alter Elo said...

Did you track your course? I'll be going there next spring and looking for running courses.
(If you come to Copenhagen, check out (it's free)