Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 of "Official Marathon Training"... 18 weeks to The Wineglass Marathon!

Today was my first official follow-the-training-plan day.  It is 18 weeks to my FIRST MARATHON & I am both nervous & excited.  Seeing as today is my official start it seems appropriate to lay out my goals for this marathon.  So here they are....

  1. FINISH!  Yup, that's my #1 goal. Just get out there and finish the race.  Regardless of time, it will be a PR ;-)
  2. Under 5 hours.  This is my realistic goal. I think I can do this.
  3. 4:37.   This is my 'The Gods are shining on me & my running shoes & the planets have all aligned to give me perfect weather, strong legs & all the energy needed for a strong finish' goal. 
I was pumped to get out there today & opened my door only to be hit by a thick wet blanket of humidity & heat.  Yes, it seems we have skipped right from winter to summer here in the Northeast.  Yuk.  I closed the door & went back to get my water bottle.  Good call.  It was only a 5 mile tempo today but HOLY MOLY, I almost died the last mile.  Usually I do my run & if I'm not back home to the gym when I hit the mark I just keep going.  If I'm feeling good, I might add some extra detours.  NOT TODAY.  My ipod shouted out "5 miles completed" & I shut it down and walked the 1/4 mile or so back to the gym.  I actually went through 22 ounces of water by mile 4.  I am going to have to force myself to get up and go earlier or I'm never going to make those long runs in August. 

Here's how it broke down:

Plan: 5 mile tempo run: 1 mile warmup, 3 miles @ 10:19 pace, 1 mile cool down

Mile 1: 10:53  Not bad.  There's a crappy uphill portion right at the beginning so feeling ok so far.
Mile 2: 10:12  Ok, pretty good.  Sweating pretty good but keeping hydrated.
Mile 3: 9:55  I hit the flat.  I can see the waves of heat radiating from the pavement.  I stick to the gravel shoulder and drink alot. 
Mile 4: 10:28  I'm starting to hit the wall here.  I'm on the pavement.  I know I only have this mile of tempo pace left but I can't sustain it.  I feel like I'm breathing a hot wet blanket. 
Mile 5: 10:46  I'm almost dead.  I'm doing the "I can make it to the next lamppost" game.  There's a guy out for his lunch hour walk that I barely pass.  I'm out of water.  I hit 5 miles & shut it down. I'm walking. I'm tingly.  Thank you to the inventor of A/C....you are my hero.

Next run....8 miles friday....lesson learned....will be out before 10 am!


Cari Mugz said...

Congrats on first day training. YOU ROCK!

The Green Girl said...

This is so exciting! There is nothing like your very first marathon!