Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Epic FAIL!

So I had 20 miles on deck today.  Was supposed to be thursday but since that is Thing 1's birthday & Thing 2 is getting braces (yes, he is thrilled) I felt like I needed to do it today.  I knew better. I knew conditions weren't optimal - Didn't get home from work til 0430am, up to take boys to running camp at 0730, 2 hour nap, back to pick up....now it is afternoon and 86 degrees.  Yeah, just typing it I feel stupid....but I went out anyway.  I could have pushed and maybe got another couple miles today, but shut it down at just under 4.  It was hot, I was tired and I just wasn't feeling it.  I feel both like a failure for not doing it & a dumbass for even trying. I think I'm going to back off and let life sort itself out for the rest of this week and try again next week, this time maybe rested and at a sane time of day. 


The Green Girl said...

Urgh. I'm sorry, girl!

Nelly said...

Sorry that it didn't work out, that is a good call on shutting it down early, you don't want to get in trouble out on the trails with it being too hot.

Give it a shot next week by starting early and I bet it will go fine.

Getting braces is not fun, haha