Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let the Second Guessing & Freakout Begin...17 days to my 1st Marathon...AKK!!!

So I am freaking out! It is 17 days to the Wineglass Marathon. Am I ready?  I don't know.  I followed the plan but my nerves are getting the best of me.  There are NO MORE LONG RUNS till race day! Was a 20 miler long enough for a long run??????  And what about race day strategy?  Stay upright & moving seems like a good strategy ... but maybe I need something a little more specific?  I did speedwork today & it went last interval was a bit slower than my 9:19 target but I still felt good during the workout:

My original goal still stands: TO FINISH.  I think I can do this.  I am considering buying this:

The goal I've been harbouring in my head is to finish under 5 hours....I really don't know if I can do this.  My best half-marathon pace was 10:45.  My 20 on sunday took me 3:58, which is an 11:54 pace.  To pull off a 4:59 marathon I need an 11:24 pace.  Is this doable?  I really have no idea.  There are pace teams at the marathon, but the 5 hour pacer is no longer available.  The closest is 4:40 and I think if I join them I might hit the wall starting out at their pace.  What do I do????

I need advice from all you experienced marathoners out there.  How do I attack race day? Do I just run by how I feel, join the pace team (I'm not a chatty runner. I like my music & being alone in my head). 

Also, I am not an early morning runner & this race starts at 8am.  Any advice...with only 17 days to go ;-s


bobbi said...

First? Relax! For your first marathon, goal of the day is FINISH HAVING FUN. If I were you, I'd start near the 5 hour pacer and try to keep them in sight. I will be shooting for 5 also, but you never know what the day will bring you.

Enjoy it! You only do your first marathon once :) You are going to do GREAT!

Penny said...

I second everyting bobbi said. I remember the nerves kicking in. At the Expo I told my running partner if we do not do this for fun I will not make it. I didnt want to concentrate on a time. I wanted to enjoy and take it all in. Low and behold I loved everything about it. You will have so many people cheering you on as you are running. Just relax and take the experience all in. Their is nothing better than crossing that finish line. You will be a MARATHONER in 17 day. You are going to do AWESOME. Will be thinking about you.

Jose said...

I'm not an experienced marathon runner. I have yet to do one. But it is my next goal.

But I know one thing.... You have put a lot of heart and soul into your training and it will pay off. You are ready! In 17 days you will have the best day of your life! Have fun and enjoy it!! You'll do great!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I agree with Bobbi - you need to relax and have fun. Take the time out of the thinking. Finish, finish, finish; if you hit 5 hours it's a bonus. You can always use time for your second one, right? I had a time for my first and wish I just kept thinking finish is more important. Not that I was really disappointed but I came in 12 minutes off my target and you just think, yeah, glad to be done but darn I missed it. You will do great. I can't wait to hear about it.

Michael said...

I haven't ran a marathon yet, so I don't have any advice for you except to just go out there do your best and enjoy the experience. Whether you meet your goal of under 5 hours or not, at the end of the race you will be a marathoner! You can do it! I think you'll meet your goal though! No worries! Breathe deep!

Nelly said...

Everyone above is right on!

Most of all enjoy the experience - you have trained so hard for this, soak it all in on race day, you've earned it!

Trust your training, you've done enough, just gotta enjoy tapering, don't get taper madness! haha

I didn't join a pace team for my marathon, I simply ran a pace that seemed appropriate. I try to run based on heartrate, so I tried to keep my pace easy and comfortable. When you are running out there, the pace should feel comfortable, you shouldn't be gasping for breath (except for maybe when you reach the later miles like 20 and above).

If you don't think you can hold the 4:40 pace, I wouldn't join that pace team, that seems like a bad idea because you might get really tired out the last 6 miles or so. Maybe try to find someone on the course who is running your same pace, and stick with them. Just run based on feel and effort.

Don't worry about the early morning race start, just try to get as much sleep in the couple days leading up to race day (they say 2 days before race day is the most important day for sleep).

And a warning, the last 10K of the race is going to be the hardest 10K of your life - but it will also be the most rewarding! And when you are crossing the finish line, don't worry about stopping your watch until you are for sure clear of the finish line chute, you want to look good for the cameras!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'm running a marathon on the same day that you are! (I'm running the Maine Marathon.) The first one is a lot of fun because you don't have to beat a previous time, you just need to cross that finish line with a smile on your face! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!