Friday, December 23, 2011

2011: Year in Review

Best Race Experience? Crossing the finish line of my first ever MARATHON! It was cold.  It was wet. I was SO SO happy!

Wineglass Marathon 4:53:23

Best Run? A tie between the Red Baron Half Marathon where I went sub-10 the whole way & the Pie & Glove 5K because I ran sub-9's which I have NEVER done. Plus I got to run with my family. It was the first time I'd been able to sustain those kind of paces over those distances.
Pie & Glove 5K: Our 1st full family run!

Best Piece of New Gear? Big G: During the summer I joined the Garmin generation & began obsessively tracking the stats from each run!
Big G capturing my 1st 20 miler!

Best piece of running advice you have received? One of you told me when I was freaking out right before the marathon to not worry about the time.  You only get to run your first marathon once, so just go out there & enjoy every moment.  Best. Advice. Ever. 
My kids call this my lunatic is poring, I am soaked, I still have 17 more miles to go ....I am HAPPY!

Most inspirational Runner? My neighbour Sheila who is an awesome runner & always so encouraging.
She was at the finish line & cheering for me!

If you could sum up your year in a couple words what would they be? Unbelievable joy :)

Thank you ALL for your wonderful support this year! You have lifted me up when I needed it!

Have a very Merry Christmas & a safe & Happy New Year!

Happy Running!


Caroline said...

THE YEAR OF THE 1ST MARATHON! it can only be great right?!
Merry Christmas!

Holly said...

What a great post! Congrats on all you've accomplished this year!

Michael said...

Congrats on a great year. I will be finishing my first marathon in Jan 2012 and can't wait!

Jose said...

You had an awesome year! 2012 will be another great year for you!!

Coy Martinez said...

You looked so happy in all of these pics! I think my favorite was the one where your neighbor was waiting for you. It's the best feeling to have someone there with a smile and hug.

Nelly said...

You had a great 2011 year! A lot of good races for you and your family!

Caroline said...

you got tourtiere for Christmas?!!!!

Ransick said...

Love the smiling pics of the marathon! I've never run a marathon but my first half marathon was raining, chilling and miserable and I smiled the entire time (well most of it) since I had never run more than about 5 miles in the 42 years leading up to training for that race.

Happy New Year!