Monday, December 19, 2011

Jingle Bell Hell 2011

Last month, when I didn't really have anything going on I signed up for XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell. It seemed like a good idea at the time. A good excuse to do that hill workout I have spent, well, my whole running career avoiding! It seemed like a good idea until I realized I had run up all those hills I am very careful about planning to go down only. Really. ALL THE TIME. I don't believe I have ever done hills on purpose. Ha! Well, I want to keep loving the run, don't I??????

Yesterday was a write off. By the time we got home from Thing 1's meet in Ithaca yesterday, I was stuffed full of yummy Thai food & I barely had time to slog through 6 miles feeling slightly nauseous the whole time. So this morning was my time. Got up, looked outside....great, sparkly frost everywhere....23F....super great...Thing1 up early (WTH????) as I'm lacing up my shoes says "You're going to be home in time to drive me to Friend P's house, right?"  Oh, of course...wouldn't forget that.  Ok, a deadline.  Super great.  Me: Hey Thing 1, you do hill workouts, where to you guys run? Thing 1: Well, we run up West Hill Road. Me: Oh, yeah, (mentally picturing the road), how long it that? Thing 1: Well, I think it's about 11 miles. But it's only 5 1/2 to the top. Me: 11 miles?!?!? Of hills?!?!?  I think I have my own route planned.  And out I go.

It was hard.  Seriously.  Hills are the devils work.  I'm pretty sure, right away as I head to the bottom of my subdivision that no good can come from this.  But ok, here we go....all the way to the top of the main road, & back down.  Then back up the other side, where the hill I have trouble walking up lives. Half mile up, half mile down...repeat.

Then it's out of the neighbourhood & up to the plant where SD works.  1 mile up, 1 mile down.  There's 2 entrances.  I did the 'easy' one once & the hard one twice.  I almost coughed up a lung.  I should interject here that I brought Chomps with me.  Had them lying around & grabbed them when I realized in my haste to get out the door, all I'd had was a cup of coffee.  Let me tell you, I might as well have brought jolly ranchers, they were so frozen when I got one out.  It gets better, as I'm trying not to choke on a big chomp as I plod down the a hill trying to re-oxygenate my body, my brain starts wandering in the direction of 'buccal absorption' & how I'm going to be ok, because sucking on it will allow rapid absorption & effect....and THAT is when I realize I laughed out loud at myself because I'm basically adapting hospice drug administration protocol to the energy needs of my run! I've officially gone around the bend!

Home just in the nick of time to drive Thing 1 & get Thing2 to the pool to practise. Swim season starts in January & our pool only allows kids on fridays & sundays, so it was in the water for me too! A JBH bonus ;-s......1000 yards! 

Happy Running!


Neon Blonde Runner said...

Congrats on conquering that miserable-sounding race!!!!!

I avoid hills like the plague :)

Coy Martinez said...

You are right friend, hills are the devils work. I contracted ITB running the hills. I actually got to the point where I was good at them and then that's when the straw broke, or rather my right knee. Anyway, They're run suckers they are.

That's hilarious about the Chomps! I was laughing over here on my end :)

a runner said...

Yay! Thanks so much for participating! I love that "seemed like a good idea at the time" :)

It sounds pretty much like hell frozen over to me :)

And I am wondering how far from Ithaca you are...I went to Cornell and used to run around in the middle of what seemed like nowhere for what seemed like miles on end of hills.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Booo hills!!! I wish every race could be flat like a track ... hills make my legs hurt! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the hills! Just came across your blog... we just moved from ithaca and are now in Tx for 2 years... loved that area!

Kate Geisen said...

"It seemed like a good idea at the time" is pretty much the story of my athletic life. :) I think the worst part for me (even worse than the dreaded hills) would have been the deadline. I hate running when people are going to be waiting on me.