Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bootie Busting Weekend...

I logged some good miles this weekend. Nothing exciting or crazy but some solid, just-out-to-enjoy-it miles that fit in with my weekend plans. (I love that logyourrun has a 'just for fun' option to classify your run!) Saturday I got in 10k in between doing some household chores that we'd been putting off for a while. My husband is awesome in many ways but being Mr. Handyman is not one of them. We've had a loose bannister for a while now but resolved to finally do something about it before one of our parents breaks a hip trying to use it. The trouble was that we really had very little clue about how to tackle this chore. Photos taken on iPhone & off to Home Depot where the lumber guy gave us very explicit instructions on what to do. It took a while & we ran into a few problems, but you should see that is SOLID! SD said he's not doing that again. If it breaks, we may have to move! LOL!

Had to drop Thing 1 off at school to catch the bus for the first indoor track meet of the year. The meet didn't START until 6pm & it was 2 hours away at a track with no good viewing. We learned our lesson last year after driving all that way and not being able to see our kid. We stayed home & took Thing 2 bowling instead. I was sorry I didn't see Thing 1 run though...he ran a 5:20 in the mile & 64 seconds in his leg of the 4x400 relay!!!!!!! Another Dad record beaten!!!! Picked Thing 1 up at 1am and he had hockey practice at 11am...ugg, tired Mum. I got in a nice 8 mile mostly trail run while he was there. There is something about trail running that makes me a better runner. I think it's because I'm more aware of my footing and I am forced to pick up my feet more.

Plus I have big news! I have been asked to join a Ragnar Relay team in the spring! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it except it's the weekend after I run the Toronto Marathon and I'm not sure if I should committ to it. Also i would have to find someone willing to work for me, but I might be able to swing that. Any thoughts? Anyone out there whose run Ragnar on the heels of a marathon?

Oh, and it was cookie baking day. Thing 1 made these in the continuing saga of the IB personal project:

Sat: 6.2mile run + 2 hours bowling + 1 hour bulb planting (yes I know I'm late doing this).
Sun: 8 mile run
Mon: 6.25 mile run


abbi said...

I ran a Ragnar the weekend after doing a really, really hard 25 mile trail run. It was a lot of fun, but I ended up paying for it in the following weeks - should say I was also part of an ultra team so it was a bunch of miles!

Penny said...

You have had an awesome week. Keep it girl.

It would be so cool to be on the Ragner Team.

Michael said...

Wow, that's a tough one. It would be hard to pass up the relay, it sounds like so much fun.

Nice job on the mileage!