Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The chaos of life

Today is shrove Tuesday & I'm wishing that I could give up catastrophe for lent. First my cars's bumper is taken off while at my sons hockey game a couple weeks ago, then on Sunday while mother nature is throwing yet another hussy fit of spring temps, rapid snow melt & torrential downpour my sump pump decides to stop working resulting in a soggy finished basement. I say soggy in the loosest sense of the word. It was saturated. Then the weather changes to snow & we get over a foot of snow! Seriously, I'm at the hospital fielding texts & phone calls from my dear husband trying to figure out what to do & when I am finally able to leave it takes me 2 hours to get home in a freaking blizzard. Sigh. Was looking forward to a run today but it wasn't in the cards...new sump installed (music to my ears) & carpet being pulled up now. I am hopeful that the worst is over & I can get out tomorrow. Don't care about pace, time, or mileage. Right now I crave the mental peace that running brings me.

On another note, I tried Running Worlds smart coach today to make a training plan for my marathon & I wonder how they figure your race pace??? I typed in 2:18 for a half marathon time & it gave me a goal of 4:26 (a pace of 10:07!!!)...WTF? Really? I thought marathon pace was supposed to be slower? I KNOW I can't sustain a pace like that...why do they calculate that as my goal pace?

I'm giving up the candy drawer at work for lent...hopefully catastrophe will gone too.

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Michael said...

If you can figure out how Smart Coach works I think you would be the first. It's a mystery.