Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An even dozen!

A big shout out to Stacey who is officially my dozenth(is that a word?) follower! Thanks everyone for following my blog! In the spirit of honesty, I have to tell you that my teenagers think it's hilarious that ANYONE follows me & have made bets on how many will be following me on marathon day...& as the 14 year old said " you should be happy, I have the biggest faith in you". :D. My friend encouraged me to start my blog & I'm so happy I did...running itself is mentally freeing and therapeutic, but blogging just seems to complete it. So Thanks!

On another note, I have been feeling the urge to run a half but I dont want to travel to do it. We are going on vacation next week & I COULD conceivably run the Skunk Cabbage when we get back ( gosh I love that name...it's almost worth it to get the t-shirt!) but then I'd miss a DF's baby shower & I'm thinking that's not kosher. Maybe I should do the Nike+iPod half marathon & give myself a prize for doing it...but it's really not the same. Guess I need to do some more research and find a half in the next month or so locally. It is so weird to me that I'm thinking that I NEED a half & that I know I can run the mileage no problem, but want the challenge that a race brings. My what a difference a year makes!

Also, do I bring my running gear to Europe or do I give myself permission to not run for a week? I'm conflicted. And I know I should just count myself lucky to have this decision to make. Btw, I highly recommend 'travel zoo' for anyone looking for vacation deals. They are awesome!

Happy running!

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