Friday, March 25, 2011

More Than Half Way There!

Today I ran my longest distance ever....14.7 miles, baby!!!! Oh yeah! It was cool out, but I've been through enough of winter to know how to layer properly for it. I have been itching to do a half-marathon, however, the one I wanted to do happens to fall on the day of my dear co-workers baby shower so in the absence of any kind of race available to me locally, I decided to set my Nike+iPod to "half-marathon" & conquer the distance. Did you know that you can't listen to more than one podcast while running in Nike+ mode? Well, you can't. If you try to switch to another it ends your workout. Oh crap. Had to reset. Anyway, combined mileage adds up to 14.7 miles. No speed record...but that's ok. I will admit that the last mile uphill really, REALLY sucked. Holy crap it hurt! A friend asked if I was training for a spring marathon. OMG! I can't even imagine 12 more miles on top of what I did. Will I be able to actually do that in even 6 months? I'm having serious doubt here folks...what got you over that psychological/physical hurdle?


Michael said...

Great job on the run. I'm running my first marathon in Jan, so I can't help you with the psychological hurdle thing - my longest distance ever is 13.1.......I still can't imagine doubling that yet!

ashley said...

sounds like we are around the same spot... i finished my longest run ever on sunday, 15.15 miles... i'm going for a late june marathon, first ever and i'm scared to death :D

Marie said...

Way to go! YOU CAN DO IT! Can't help you on the psychological hurdle either since I am still trying to muster the courage to sign up for my first half! If the half scares me, I cannot imagine what thinking about a marathon would do to my brain. At least for now! Good luck!