Sunday, December 11, 2011

An alternate universe?????

If life were perfect & I had a NORMAL job (who wants that!?!?!? ;)) what I did today wouldn't be so unusual. Grab your seats folks...I ran BEFORE work. Yup, that's right folks....5K before work. I even saw the moon! I have proof! Lol! I know so very many of you slog yourselves out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, but I do not. Not ever. You see, I have to be in report at 7am & I live almost an hour away. When you work 12 hour shifts, that is pretty much your whole day. You are a better person than I if you can fit in a run too. But today I taught ATCN (a trauma course) & didn't have to be in til 9. I tell ya, I was sorely tempted to stay in bed, but the lure of even a short run was too much. Even at -9C I was grinning like a fool in the dawn light. I don't think I'll be making a habit of it, but I took true joy in being able to say yes when one of my students asked me if I had run before work today. Ya. Sure did. That's right, I rock ;-D


Coy Martinez said...

Hey!! Sorry I've been gone for awhile. Home computer is down and I've been gone for work! That had to be a cold morning! I'm just like you, it's hard for me to get up and the idea of 5 or so AM during the weekday is almost too much to bear. BUT...the feeling of having done it is pretty sweet! :)

The Green Girl said...

Good for you, girl. I love morning runs but I'm so an evening runner.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

ATCN is pretty intense stuff! I'll probably take that in a couple years. I just did TNCC this past year, which wasn't bad at all and people say ATCN is like a super hard version of it. (I am an RN in a surgery trauma ICU.)